Breathe Fitness Website Redesign

The Client

Breathe Fitness helps people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their health and performance goals – regardless of their starting point.

What we did

Client industry

Launch Date

September 2021

Breathe Fitness Home

About the Project

Breathe Fitness faced several pressing challenges with their existing website. Firstly, their website had become visually outdated, failing to effectively capture the essence of their dynamic fitness services. Additionally, maintaining and updating the website had become a daunting task, often proving nearly impossible. This hindered their ability to keep their online presence relevant and engaging. Most critically, the website was underperforming in terms of lead generation, with a meager 1-3 leads generated per month, which was far from meeting their growth ambitions. These issues collectively presented a pressing need for a comprehensive website overhaul to rejuvenate their online presence and drive business growth.

Project Goals

  • Improved Visual Design: Enhance the aesthetics of the website to reflect the vitality and appeal of their fitness services.
  • Improved Communication: Create a new website that effectively communicates their identity and services.
  • Increased Lead Generation: Generate more leads per month.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Develop a website that is easy to maintain and update.

Our solution

To address the array of challenges faced by Breathe Fitness, we devised a comprehensive solution. Firstly, we collaborated closely with the client to clarify their key service offerings, ensuring that the website would effectively communicate their unique identity. We then embarked on a complete website revamp, utilizing WordPress and Elementor to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly design that also incorporated their brand identity seamlessly. Simultaneously, we optimized the content structure to prominently showcase their services, making it easier for users to understand the value they provide. To boost lead generation, we implemented an efficient lead capture form, streamlining the process for potential clients. This holistic approach not only addressed their outdated visuals and maintenance issues but also elevated their online presence to generate more leads, ultimately achieving their desired goals.

The Result

Our efforts led to significant improvements and achievements:

  • Lead Increase: Leads increased by 400%, with 8 leads generated in the first month, compared to the previous 3 months’ average of 3 leads.
  • Organic Search: Organic search traffic surged by 50% compared to the previous period.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR from organic search results improved by 164%.
  • User Engagement: User engagement on the website increased by 50%.
  • Google Ranking: Improved Google search result ranking from #16 to #9.
  • Eliminated Spam: Successfully eliminated spam from lead capture forms.