Edmonton Web Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting from Holler Digital

Blazingly Fast, Secure, and Dependable Web Hosting for WordPress Website Owners

Stop stressing over cheap & poor quality hosting. Give your visitors the best experience with Holler Digital’s industry-leading Wordpress web hosting optimized for security and performance.

Canadian Data Centers

Give your clients a faster website experience with Canadian web hosting that reduces their wait times.

Built for Wordpress

The only cloud platform built from the ground up just for WordPress.

Blazing Fast Speed

Our hosting plans are optimized for performance, ensuring that your website loads quickly and efficiently. This not only improves the user experience but also helps with SEO.

Remote Website backups for 60 days

Have confidence knowing your website is backed up regularly and your data and website are protected.

Daily Malware Scans & Spam Removal

Ensure your website's security with daily malware scans and effective spam removal.

Scalable options for growth

Our platform gives you the freedom to scale your website as your business grows, and your needs change.

SSL Certificate

Built-in SSL and TLS Encryption. SSL certificates get an A+ rating from SSL Labs.


Web application firewall tuned for WordPress filters known malicious traffic before it even has the chance to touch your website.

DDOS Protection

Denial of service attacks are automatically mitigated, and we’ll work to identify the source while keeping the site active and available.

No capped monthly visits

We don’t place bandwidth limitations on our plans. Serve millions of static (cached) page views and never worry about plan limitations.

Free managed migrations

No additional fees to transfer your website to our hosting when you’re using WordPress for your website.