Lemonade Stand Day

The Client

Simply Supper’s Lemonade Stand Day is a fun program that gives kids the opportunity to run a business and to learn about entrepreneurship, philanthropy, marketing and customer service at a young age.

What we did

Client industry

Non-Profit, Fundraising, eCommerce

Launch Date

June 2020

Design Agency

ANVL Creative

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About the Project

Simply Supper approached us in November 2019 after successfully organizing their Lemonade Stand Day (LSD) event for six years. At that time, the LSD team was managing the event with Google Spreadsheets and paper records. This manual approach not only consumed a significant amount of time but also induced unnecessary stress, posing limitations on the event’s potential for growth. The event coordination process involved manually creating a map of all stand locations, dealing with extensive paperwork, and lacking any form of automation. Previously, the event information was presented as a static page on the Simply Supper website. Additionally, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a strategic shift to enable users to participate in the event without the need for hosting a physical lemonade stand.

Project Goals

  • Establish a standalone website for LSD
  • Enhance the user experience for all LSD participants
  • Streamline registration and closure processes
  • Minimize or eliminate paperwork
  • Enable users to manage their stand pages online
  • Facilitate online donations and offer transaction fee coverage options
  • Provide real-time stand and overall donation totals
  • Automate processes to reduce manual intervention

Our solution

To address the goals set forth by Simply Supper, we devised a comprehensive solution. We crafted a custom membership website utilizing WordPress and the Elementor page builder, offering a dedicated platform for LSD participants. Our team designed a user-friendly registration form, streamlining the process and collecting all necessary information efficiently. Additionally, we introduced a custom dashboard empowering users to effortlessly manage their stands, update information, access real-time donation totals, and share images. We implemented a form for stands to submit closing information seamlessly. Furthermore, our solution allowed for secure online donations and offered users the choice to cover transaction fees, enhancing the overall fundraising experience. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ensured that users could participate without the need to host physical stands, demonstrating our adaptability to evolving circumstances.

The Result

Following the site’s launch in 2020, LSD raised an impressive $168,000, setting a record for the highest online donation total for the Stollery Children’s Hospital at that time. This achievement was particularly remarkable as it occurred during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, in the first year post-launch, LSD reduced the reconciliation process from requiring the efforts of two people over several weeks to just one person who could complete it in a mere three days.

Over the 4 years since the site was launched, LSD has gone on to raise over $1.3 million for the Stollery, including $933,631.23 from over 11,000 successful online transactions. At its busiest, the site sees a donation every 10 seconds.

The website’s impact extended beyond fundraising, transforming the Lemonade Stand Day event into a seamless and efficient online experience. This adaptability allowed for continued success even in challenging times.