Michael Walters Website Redesign

The Client

Michael was first elected to Edmonton City Council in 2013 and was re-elected to his second term on October 16, 2017. During his time on Edmonton City Council while he maintained his strong commitment to social justice and sustainability, he developed a keen focus on urban planning, business growth, economic diversification, innovation and regionalization.

What we did

Client industry

Politics, News

Launch Date

September 2021

Michael Walters Website Home Page Design

About the Project

In his final term as Edmonton City Councilor, Michael Walters recognized the importance of maintaining a strong connection with his constituents and providing them with timely information about public policy and issues affecting their lives. To achieve this, Michael’s team initially used the NationBuilder Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform during the election campaign. However, they encountered usability challenges with NationBuilder’s backend, making it nearly impossible to update the website’s appearance and functionality. As a result, Michael Walters embarked on an online upgrade project to address these issues and better serve his constituents.

Project Goals

  • Usability Improvement: Enhance the backend usability of the website to enable easy updates, customization, and CRM integration.
  • Website Redesign: Create an updated, user-friendly website design that reflects Michael’s commitment to transparency and community engagement, while incorporating CRM functionality.
  • Content Accessibility: Ensure constituents can easily access information on public policy and local matters that impact them through CRM-driven content management.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community among constituents through interactive features, CRM-driven communications, and updates.

Our solution

We harnessed the capabilities of WordPress and the flexibility of Elementor Page Builder to create a minimalist website design that placed a strong emphasis on typography. WordPress served as a solid foundation for content management, while Elementor empowered precise customization. Our design approach prioritized simplicity, featuring a restrained color palette carefully aligned with the campaign colors. This, combined with spacious layouts, ensured exceptional readability and legibility. Ultimately, our design approach placed content at the forefront, resulting in a responsive and visually pleasing experience across all devices.

In addition, we integrated Campaign Monitor CRM to enhance the website’s functionality. This integration allowed the team to expand their subscriber base and send email updates as needed, further strengthening their outreach and engagement efforts.

The Result

The “Michael Walters website refresh” addressed the usability challenges faced by Michael’s team, resulting in a user-friendly website that allowed for seamless updates, customization, and effective CRM integration. The enhanced website design, improved content accessibility, and community engagement features, all driven by CRM data, have solidified Michael Walters’ connection with his constituents, ensuring they remain informed and engaged in local matters.