Simply Supper Website Redesign

The Client

Simply Supper is an Edmonton-based meal preparation and frozen meal company that has been transforming the way families come together to enjoy wholesome and delectable meals in the comfort of their own homes. Established with a passion for making family dinners more convenient, affordable, and nutritious, Simply Supper has become a beloved culinary destination for families across Edmonton and beyond.

What we did

Client industry

Meal-prep, food hospitality

Launch Date

May 2019

Simplysupper Home Web Scaled

About the Project

Simply Supper recognized that their existing website was in dire need of a transformation. The site had become visually outdated, failing to reflect the vibrant essence of their brand. Moreover, maintaining and updating the website had grown exceptionally challenging, consuming valuable time and resources. The user experience was lacking, performance was slow, and the unique, custom nature of their business rendered off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions unsuitable. This multifaceted challenge compelled Simply Supper to embark on a journey to revitalize their online presence and redefine the way their customers experienced their brand.

Project Goals

  • Enhance Website Design: The primary goal of the project was to design a visually appealing and modern website that aligns with Simply Supper’s brand image and values.
  • Streamline Website Management: To simplify website maintenance, the team aimed to leverage the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), making it easier to update and manage content.
  • Implement Elementor Page Builder: The introduction of the Elementor page builder was intended to empower the team to effortlessly create and manage web pages, ensuring that updates and changes could be made with ease.
  • Optimize the Checkout Experience: To boost user engagement and conversion rates, the project sought to build a more user-friendly and efficient checkout experience, reducing friction and enhancing the overall shopping process.

Our solution

To meet Simply Supper’s needs, we partnered with ANVL Creative’s design team. Our mission was clear: create a new website using WordPress and the Elementor Page Builder. This approach balanced stunning design with easy maintenance, addressing the project’s core objectives effectively.

For the custom checkout, we harnessed both native and custom WordPress functionalities to construct a multi-step process that was not only simpler but also more intuitive for shoppers. We also created a custom reporting dashboard to see and compare the weekly transactions within the Wordpress dashboard.

The Result

The new website, driven by WordPress and the Elementor Page Builder, revitalized the brand’s online identity. Its visually appealing and user-friendly design resonated with customers, enhancing their overall experience.

The custom checkout process streamlined the path to purchase, simplifying the user journey and boosting conversion rates, increasing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the custom reporting dashboard empowered Simply Supper’s team to monitor and compare weekly transactions within the WordPress dashboard, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Ultimately, the project not only resolved initial challenges but also positioned Simply Supper for sustained growth in the competitive digital landscape. The website’s enhanced design, efficient checkout process, and robust reporting tools have created a more robust online presence, aligning perfectly with the brand’s commitment to delivering convenient, wholesome, and delicious meals to families.