Edmonton Wordpress Hosting & Support

Don't get caught with your website down

Our Managed WordPress Hosting & growth Plans give you peace of mind knowing that your website is always running and secure.

Website Hosting

We’ll keep a close eye on your server to ensure it’s performing and running as it should. Server updates are just as important as CMS updates, so we’ll make sure those get done.

Safe Wordpress & Plugin Updates

We’ll update the Wordpress CMS and installed plugins to ensure you’re running the most up-to-date and secure versions. We also check your websites theme to ensure it’s compatible with the latest versions.

Uptime Monitoring

We keep a hawk’s eye on your website. Monitoring your website 24X7 allows us to react and respond to issues quickly. Potentially serious issues can be avoided if attended to early.

Website Backups Imagine

Imagine a server crash or a website hack wiping out your entire website. Without a backup, you might lose years of data and the loss may be catastrophic to your business. Site backups allow us restore your website quickly if anything goes wrong.

Malware Removal

If you’re site is targeted we’ll take care of the aftermath. We identify and clean up viruses, trojans, and other malicious code from your monitored WordPress files and directories.

Content Updates

Your time is precious and should be spent interacting with your customers and growing your business, not logging in and updating your website. We take care of all your changes for you so all you need to do is send us an email and we'll get them done, usually within the same business day.

*Thirty-Minute Tasks are content edits, updates, or changes that can be completed in 30-minutes or less. Does not include new functionality or additional pages. Maximum 1 thirty-minute task per day.